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Cybermountain Hypertext Symposium 1999
"Hyperactive thinkers linked together"

Max tries to get one of the official t-shirts
(Max tries to escape with one of the official T-shirts)
Deena at the door

Deena Larsen, organizer and instigator of Cybermountain 1999, shown here wearing a hat. She (and the conference) were profiled by the Rocky Mountain News as well as the BBC while the conference was in session.

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Here's some of the networking hardware we used to get the conference off the ground and onto the Internet. The Internet hookup was a little more complicated to deal with than I'd hoped, largely because some of the equipment I'd intended to use didn't show up until the fifth day of the conference and because of the multiple platforms (IBM, Mac) and operating systems that we were trying to get working together.

Of course, now I've got these sorts of details more-or-less worked least up to the point where now I'm trying to get some of the workstations and thin clients working on the treehouse intranet.

Bunch 'o Networking gear
Logged on in the library

Here in the library, we'd put together six stations so that groups of people could be participating via the internet in remotely-located joint sessions.

Any of these systems could be selected for remote viewing on the theater display...only the software being used didn't allow changing or resizing the fonts used in the main window of interest, and even if the theater display is large, it's not as high resolution as even the smaller monitors after we converted to NTSC (and the oddball RGB connector on the projector wasn't something we could get figured out in time).

they're even taking notes
rapt attention

The treehouse is a good place if you're planning on having thirty or forty close personal friends and colleagues over for a week or so. With only twenty-three rooms, sometimes people still have to double-up, but several rooms are large enough for large sessions that can accommodate the whole crowd, while there are always quiet corners one can retreat to for smaller workshops and discussions.

Not that fixing all the technical details can necessarily make the particpants all agree with the content of the joint sessions. Probably just as well that we didn't have the webcam set up.

Probably just as well we didn't have the webcam going

Mark Bernstein of Eastgate Systems ran several sessions, but I decided to use this picture of him just sitting there because of the cool way the light is being reflected in the faceted crystal behind him. I'll think of some fancy way that the crystal relates to the fundamental nature of hypertext structure later....

Several of the attendees tried their hands (if not other body parts) at creating hypertext-oriented food for the symposium. The grilled giant centipede with a light lemon-basil sauce was the biggest hit at dinner on the third day and Mark nearly lost half his left arm in the fight that broke out over the last hundred centpede drumsticks.


Deena and double

Of course, even at a conference devoted to future directions in hypertext (theory, practice, and implementation), plain text still had its place (on T-shirts, natch).

I'm pretty sure it was just plain text. Clicking on Deena didn't seem to make the T-shirt display anything different.

Um, we were talking about hypertext and Bullwinkle in this session...yeah, that's it.


Three tuataras

Anna was thrilled to discover that the treehouse was guarded by Gretta (shown here on the right armrest) who just happened to match her tattoo. She had to have a cuddly, plush tuatara of her own, and so ensued the grand tuatara trek which required an excursion to the perilous Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Fortunately, not only was this quest successful (as you can see here), but all the particpants survived.

Okay, I promise I'll put some links to the official Cybermountain 1999 report just as soon as I find out where it is....

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