Subject: Re: Krista - your workout
From: Mistress Krista" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 13:43:35 GMT

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> Krista,
> You mentioned in a post that you sometimes base routines around the
> three "main" lifts: squat, DL, and BP. Would you please post how you
> do this. What other exercises do you put with each of these three?
> (I'm trying to do this sort of split and am making a jumbled mess out
> of it)
> Thanks! -Lori-

OK! Here is my current routine. Each day is based around a major lift, as you say. BUT the major lifts are alternated from workout to workout, based on the weaknesses in my lifts that I have identified. So, frinstance, I alternate 1 1/2 squats with front squats from week to week. This is coz I squat with a high bar, narrow-stance WL squat, with my sticking point being the bottom 1/2 of the rep. In terms of rep parameters, I've been using the 5-4-3-2-1 that I mentioned in a post to Lisa. I am also not always specific about which exercises I do for assistance (I'll just write down, for example, "triceps work" instead of a specific exercise). I crave novelty, and this was the best way to give it to myself without compromising some sort of overall structural integrity. Other exercises are not really pyramided in the same way, but I do like to do a light set first then work up. Ab and lower back work is alternated from workout to workout. If you do this workout for yourself, I suggest you tailor it to your specific weaknesses, as I have.