* exercise routines of the MFW all-stars *
Eric Midkiff's Olympic Lifting workout plan

Last fall, I was talked into doing an OL meet with a few friends. As I had to maintain my powerlifts at the same time, I had to use a hybrid program, and the basics follow.

Again, I used three week cycles. Jump rope for intervals followed workouts on Monday and Wednesday. Running occurred later in the day on Tuesday and Thursday. Stretching was performed Mon - Sat, with a full body PNF session following Saturday's workout.

Last two weeks used for meet prep exclusively. Bench work was dropped, as well as direct lat work. Jump rope and running alternated every other day first week, and Monday through Thursday on second week.

(note: 1x10 = 1 rep, 10 sets, so Snatch 1x10 means 10 singles)