* exercise routines of the MFW all-stars *
Eric Midkiff's CKD workout plan

This is a Conjugate program (Simmons) compressed into a three day a week schedule to allow it to be used within the framework of a CKD.

The maximal acceleration days are combined into a single workout. Other differences include the fact that I do not do a heavy assistance movement for the speed squat workout other than abs and reverse hypers because after five days of no carbs, followed by twelve sets of two in the squat, I just do not have the energy. Cardio and GPP work is structured to allow me to go into both heavy workouts fresh and with my muscles still full of glycogen, so GPP work early in the week is limited.

Workouts are all performed very early in the morning, including the depletion workout. My carb up starts following the depletion workout on Friday, at about 0500, and ends on Saturday night. I change exercises every three weeks. The entire hideous purpose of this is that I need to remain in the 220 pound weight class, and a CKD is about the only kind of diet I can stick to. I rotate exercises every three weeks.