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Subject: Re: ECA & Yohimbe cycle question? Lyle?
From: "Elzi Volk" <>
Date: 2000.02.05

Lyle McDonald wrote:
> If I throw a bottle of Twinlab Yohimbe fuel off of a cliff at an angle
>of 45 degrees north of the horizontal, with an initial velocity of 30
>m/s, and the cliff is 15 meters above ground leve, how much yohimbe will
>there be in each capsule when it hits the ground 15 seconds later?

With sufficient initial velocity they could smash through the thick skull of your head.
Man found dead at bottom of cliff peppered with .75 cm holes in skull and chest. Small molten projectiles were extracted from holes in body and contained dry powder analyzed as 0.6% yohimbine and similar amounts of related isomers originating from the bark of a tree, Pausinystlia. Several projectiles found in oral cavity as subject apparently tried to scream or yell obcenities. Other body cavities are currently being examined.

At top of cliff, investigaors found foot prints of perpetrator along with empty shells from shotgun and scaps of paper with illegible graphics depicting various trigonomical figures and calculations. In red lettering on large scrap of paper were written the words "Fuck You!". Investigators are looking for a dangerous and psychotic student of physics who may be armed with several bottles of Yohimbe Fuel and shotgun.

All local citizens are encouraged to lock their doors, avoid driving the streets while talking on cell phones, and especially to stay clear of the local Border's cafe where a suspect has been seen occupying a table with physics' books, papers, calculator, laptop, adrenoceptor studies, and a everfull 1 liter mug of high test java."