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exercise humor parody Subject: Re: basement dwellers
From: (the tree by the river)
Date: 1998/07/12

In article <>, RCole40539 <> wrote:
> i guarentee as someone whos tried it that there is
>no pill you can take to drop weight.

You could always drink delicious meal replacement shakes made from new Ultra-Styroplex, made from the same amazing materials used to protect expensive computers during shipping, so you know it's got to be good. Eating TwinkLabs "Gravel Fuel" instead of food is probably OK too, but users have complained that it tends to cause initial short-term weight gain, tends to clump and end up at the bottom of the shake, and can be hard on the blender. However, if instead of flax seed oil, you add sewing machine oil to your shakes, it can reduce the duration of that initial weight gain.