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Subject: Re: Serious Question
From: (the tree by the river)
Date: 2000.06.22

In article <>, OJ <> wrote:
>In article <>, Anonymous wrote:
>|This is a serious question, so please respond. Will masterbating take
>|away from my gains? I normally do the deed 4-7 times a week. I want
>|big arms, but will jerking off hurt my progress? Thanks, and please
>|don't ridicule me.
>There's the answer to your question, don't sweat it.

Just be sure to alternate arms to get balanced development.

After you build up to higher reps, you can use wrist weights for added resistance. Some people have tried using dumbbells or weight plates when they wanted to progress beyond wrist weights, but a lot of them are still walking with a limp and/or can't sing baritone any more, so that's not generally recommended, even if you chalk up first and use wrist straps.

According to a recent article in "Pump-It Magazine," whacking off while wearing a bench shirt is one of the most effective exercises for the lats, and for more general arm and shoulder workouts, SoloSex makes a line of machines that use comfortably padded manacles and rubber "resistance" bands to let you make your "conditioning" as intense as you desire, whether you're going for German Volume Training or concentrating on pure explosive power.