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Holly K. H. Bohlen
Agent, Owner
TravelCom International
Travel Companies,

6900 W. Chatfield Ln.
Littleton, CO 80125
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Fred and Anne Walz
Phone: 303-791-8907

Bee Products

Honey: 100% Natural, Pure, Wildflower Honey
Comb Honey: This is nature's purest and most perfect sweet. It has not been altered in any way, having been distilled from nectar and put in its containers by the bees themselves. Use it on biscuits, muffins, toast, cereals, fruit, sandwiches--or eat it plain, as wholesome candy. The delicate wax may be eaten, too, or chewed like gum.
Bees Wax: Use it for candlemaking, moldmaking, batik fabric dying, and egg decorating. It will lubricate drawers, windows, power tools, bicycle cables, and sewing thread. Use it for finishing wood, making furniture polish, and many other useful items.

Free range chicken eggs periodically available.

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6803 W. Chatfield Ln.
Littleton, CO 80125

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George M. Sample
Sailboats flossed
while you wait
Henrietta Mumbleshirer, Esq.

Hydrometric analysis
Home CAT-scanning

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